Remodeling the kitchen so to speak…

Published September 3, 2012 by mrswhittaker

Hey folks! Suzanne here, and I just wanted to let ya know that the blog will be back up by my birthday… 😀 Jan. 22…

I am doing some remodeling and hopefully setting up some new features, including a page for Reviews on recipes, places to eat, and other topics! I am SO excited!

My home bakery has taken off and the cakes I have been designing have been so much fun and I’ve been learning new things every day…I hope the year ahead (2013) brings lots of adventures in baking and cake decorating as well as adventures in the world of Food Bloggers/blogging.

I am planning on hitting up some of the great restaurants in the New River and Roanoke Valleys to start with this year, from Mom & Pop eateries to some of the fine dining offered in the area here…of course I promise to taste the desserts! 😉

Stay tuned, and remember…

Keep it Sweet!,
❤ Suzanne xoxo